Warning when buying tongkat ali

Common Tongkat Ali knowledge to guide shoppers.

What Extract to Buy

Tongkat Ali extracts come in a lot of forms. You can either buy the root powder form but before we discuss about the dosage, you should know about the extract available in the marker.

The most common extracts you will see are 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. These extract strength mean that for 1:50 for every 1 part of the tongkat ali you get 50 parts of the Eurycoma Longifolio Jack extract (tongkat ali extract).

Some people believe that anything above the extract of 1:4 is useless; unfortunately, there is no way to tell the exact count of extract. However, several people have reported that root extracts and low extract levels do not have the desired effects. Strong extracts are known to work for all ages.

You are recommended to go for extract strength of 1:200, it is the strongest form. You should start slow as the higher the extracts, the harder is it to find the exact dosage. Since everyone is different, what works for some might be a lot for other. In fact, you will come to know if you have taken the amount too much. Some of the symptoms will be Agitations, Insomnia, Aggressiveness and several other mild symptoms.

Safety and Precautions When Buying

It is also important to know that Tongkat Ali is one of the most faked products on the web and you need to know whether you are going to order it online because a lot of fake website are selling garbage in packaging.

Here are some feature you should look for?

Here’s what to look out for:


1) Buying on The Web – What You Need to Know!

Just like mentioned above, there are a lot of Tongkat Ali extracts sold in the market and the internet is full of such suppliers. It is indeed one of the easiest herbs to fake and people will do it all the time.

If you are a fresher then never buy Tongkat Ali root powder. Some Tongkat extracts are found with high mercury levels. Do not let this scare you, but take it seriously. A good and reputed distributer will check the mercury levels and you should not buy from cheap and random stores.

Then, follow the guidelines below to differentiate between and real and fake tongkat ali extract distributer.

How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Tongkat Ali Extract

Here are some other ideas to help you purchase the right Tongkat Ali and avoid eating the wrong stuff:

1) Find out if they are a registered business

Before you zero in on a website, you must check and ensure that they are a legitimate business holder and not someone who is selling Tongkat Ali sitting at their home with little knowledge of the adverse effects of the medicine if taken in wrong proportions.

2) Check out the contact page

Do check always if the website has a contact us page with details like email and phone number or not? If they have it and they must be reachable. IF the answer to any of these two questions is NO then stay away. After all, whether you will get your order or not will not be their headache any ways.

3) Beware of outlandish claims

If someone is claiming to offer prices that are too good to be true then you should give a second thought. Do not buy cheap products if its about your health.

4) Search the company name online

Search the company on Google because If they are bad then people are going to review and let others know about it.

Guidelines For Buying Tongkat Ali Root Extract

  1. Always purchase the root extract hat has specification of the strength, body building, post cycle therapy as well as effective boost in testosterone.
  2. Always buy the standardized roots of Tongkat Extrant and not just the ground Tongkat Ali. Your purchase is likely to be weak or ineffective otherwise.
  3. Purchase Tongkat Ali roots that 100@ free from any form of metallic contamination.

Doc DOnalds Tongkat Ali meets all of the above mentioned requirements, produces patented Eurycomanone extraction method and ensures cleanest contamination free Tongkat Ali extract on the market.

Things to Beware of When Buying Tongkat Ali

  • Beware of the brand that claims higher milligram content of the capsules. Some claim to offer 600/800 mgram capsules whereas in fact, they contains not more than 400 mg. You can check this with a good set of scale or send us the desire capsules and we will be happy to check it.
  • Genuine and 100% pure Tongkat Ali extract along with any significant Eurycomanone content, good enough in content to be considered as effective will not be available in the market for any prices less than than $50 to $60 USD per 36-gram bottle or around $1.39 USD/gram equivalent.
  • Even if you are purchasing it by the metric ton, after encapsulation, transportation, packaging and other costs involved to bring the extract product to market, the genuine 1:200 Tongkat Ali extracts cannot be sold realistically for anything less than $1.39/gram and still worth the effort.
  • The only time you will see the products claiming to be Tongkat Ali at any lower prices than mentioned above then it is because they started the life as a genuine extract and then became watered down to complete or compensate the cost or the product is just ground up root powder or may be MCC.
  • At Doc DOnals, we choose to sell 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract for many years and this 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract is manufactured by World ABS who has refused to produce any other supplement with the race towards bottom mentality. We try to maintain the same value in health quality and fitness supplement produced with respect to and for the consumers.

TKA 1:200™ is 100% free of metallic and microbiological contamination. For more detail here to view manufactures certificate of analysis.