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Tongkat Ali comes with intense power and it is not only limited to increasing the sperm count, building muscles, enhancing libido and increasing the size of sex organs but also torching the fat. It is indeed one of the best herbs mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Malaysia Premium TongKat Ali Extract

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Genuine Tongkat Ali is a 100% natural and powerful testosterone booster which contains Eurycomanone. This element uses the testosterone regulatory system to trick in the body of the user into overproduction. This mechanism has helped a lot of people that are suffering from low testosterone related illness or dysfunctionalties.

Malaysia Premium

TongKat Ali Extract,

200 times more powerful!

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Feel the Benefits of DocDonald Premium Tongkat Ali

Increasing Testosterone levels

The extract increases the natural production of testosterone and thus, reverses the effects Erectile Dysfunction. Furthermore, it also increases the body’s ability to increase muscle mass and burning body fat.

Sperm Count And Fertility

Several studies have proven that the consumers of Tongkat Ali have experience significant improvement in their sperm count and this increase lasted for months.

Male Enhancement

The medicine is known to stimulate the Leydig cells in adolescent boys which increase the growth of penis. It has been shown to activate the same cells that increase the level of testosterone.

Athletic Performance

The energy boost and increase in test will make the consumer beast on the field.

Uses & Benefits of Tongkat Ali Extract

The list of tongkat ali’s benefits is a long one. But we are going to go through everything.

1) Increase in testosterone levels

One of the primary reasons why so many guys are turning towards Tongkat Ali is its ability to increase the level of testosterone levels. It can give a large boost to the hormones but in a safer and natural way, unlike the regular boosters. This means, no rebound effect accompanied with epic testosterone levels.


There are hormones in body called as SHGB (sex hormone-binding globulin) that binds the testosterone, sex hormones and renders it inert. Along with the stimulation of Leydig, Tongkat Ali also releases this bind and lowers the level of SHGB which means your body can now use more of the natural free hormones. This eliminates the chances of body producing less sexual hormones and brilliant results. This is the main reason why it is said that the longer you use Tongkat Ali, the bigger boost you will feel over the time.

2) Increase in Libido

Another popular reason why Tongkat Ali is getting popular is due to its proven strength as a natural aphrodisiac. This statement has been proven over the time, predominantly on animals. Tongkat Ali Extract turns lame male rats into sex crazed beasts.

In several studies, Tongkat Ali extracts had turned old and lame rats into sex crazy beasts that were often licking their own genitalia when they needed to release.


  1. In one study, one middle aged breeder mice was doused with the extracts of Tongkat Ali for 10 days and at the end of the experiment, it showed a greater increase in the mounting frequency in the female rats. Further, the rats displayed increased instances of licking the genital and sniffing towards female rats often. Those rats, that were not given the dose were seen exploring the cage during day time, whereas the others were seen hanging around the female rats often.

Here is an account of a 76 year old man’s experience with the herb. He started it due to a lack in sexual desire with his wife. After 10 days on the herb he describes his experience as:

“Sexual fantasies all day long, semi erection, fullness in testicles. Wanted sex in the worst way.”

3) Increase in Sperm Count And Quality

Increase in sperm quality is one of the most desirable and noted effects of Tongkat Ali extract. While the modern luxuries and gadgets are going against our sperm counts, extracts of Tongkat Ali can help you.

4) More Powerful Ejaculations

Apart from having better sperm quality, Tongkat Ali extracts allow the consumer to shoot stronger and father.

Here is an account of a man’s experience in doing just that [Source-6].

In the end he states:

“As ejaculatory function has been the most difficult to enhance over many years, I was, of course, quite pleasantly surprised when I found out that on 1 gram of 1:50 tongkat ali extract obtained from Sumatra Pasak Bumi, I was able to produce shooting ejaculations. This, I consider quite an achievement.”

Comment- Quotation from users cannot be changed to passive.

5) Better Sex

While definitely Tongkat Ali will not transform you into a porn star, it can help you become similar to them. The users of Tongkat Ali reported to have shorted refractory periods which meant back to back sessions. Sometimes, the time was so low that they experience multiple orgasms many times.

With a harder erection, better sperm, higher libido, and increased firing power- it is not hard to get a better sex life anyhow!

Plus with harder erections, a higher libido, more sperm and more firing power.

6) Increased Fertility

With the above stated benefits, you are going to get increased chances of fertility with the consumption of Tongkat Ali. While usually people are not buying this extract with ejaculating and pregnancy goals, but in case you are, you are in good luck.


The study about the semen volume discussed above also resulted in 15% increase in reporting of new pregnancies. This is exceptional if you think of. But it makes sense obviously, because you are having better and more concentration of sperm, higher mobility, and multiple orgasms which is a key factor.

7) Male Enhancement (Penis Enlargement)

Penis enlargement is a cool thing for most of the guys. There have been several claims on Internet saying that Tongkat Ali can increase the size of your testicles and penis. While there is no doubt that it will enhance the libido, power of ejaculation and volumize the sperm count, there is little left to prove that it will increase the size of the your dick.

Actually, Tongkat Ali increases the stimulation in Leydog cell in the adolescent boys that sparks the growth of penis and also increases the testosterone level.

Does this translate to penis growth?

It might be! There are evidences that promise that Tongkat Ali will also work in terms of penis enlargement. Though it won’t turn into miracle but can make an addition to your PE routine.


Here is a study on rats where dosing of tongkat ali actually did produce a 50% increase in size of the levator ani muscle. [Source-9]

8) Mood & Well being enhancement

Discussed the sexual benefits of Tongkat Ali, now let us move beyond it. Firstly, it is proven to give mood enhancement and a boost in well being. However, too much consumption can cause insomnia or agitations.


In one of the studies by Tongkat Ali, its effect on stress hormones and psychological mood in moderately stressed subject, it was found to have 11% decrease in stress, tension, 12% in anger and a 15% reduction in confusion.

9) Muscle Gain an Fat Loss

In case, you are an athlete and not interested very much into the sex part, there is still so much you can get from Tongkat Ali. The extracts are shown to increase the muscles and also boost the fat loss.

It is also understandable that when the level of testosterone rises and cortisol levels are dropped, the body is going to lean up and shred the additional weight. It gives a good shape to body.


The British Journal of Sports Medicine had reported that in one of the double-blind placebo controlled scientific trials, the use of this extract caused a 5% increase in the lean body mass user groups while no such changes were observed in the placebo groups.

5% of lean muscle mass in only 5 weeks is huge. That can equate to 20% in just 20 weeks.

Among other interesting facts, the journal article states:

“The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group.”

10) Athletic Performance

It is not wrong to say that double-blind placebo controlled scientific trial will help to improve your athletic performance. The increase in energy and test will make you a pro in the field as well. However, you must know that it can increase your body temperature and heart rate and thus, might not be a great idea for those who are undergoing aerobics training on hot days.

It is great for weight lifting and working out, no doubt.

There are no reports of severe side effects till the time it is being consumed on the safer side.

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Why You come across this page

You found this website because you are looking for a potential solution to your private problems. And the problem might be any of the following (or a combination of them):

  • Your sex drive is not more like it used to be
  • Your erections are not as much as hard as you desire them
  • Sex does not feels as good as it used to be once
  • You kill yourself in the gym but you are not getting the results you used to get

Don’t worry, here is the full stop to your issues. In fact, you will be surprised to know that you are now soon going to see the good days. Now the questions is how soon you will see the results and how can reduce the decay now?

What made the difference?

Most of us wonder what makes difference amongst the people. It is not always the genes that some people start to feeling aged and while others feel young while having sex. The different lies in the fact what each person has done to handle and monitor their manhood and avoid passing the time to steal it. The different is that of a small secret ie Testosterone. The production of this hormone tends to decline with age and thus, there is nothing that can be done to stop it completely. After the age of 25, the level of testosterone start to decline per year wise and after sometime, you will start feeling the same and remember how powerful and yearning you used to be when you were just 25.

What causes erectile disfunction

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Testosterone production decline with age

Testosterone is the key to sexual power

Boosting Free Testosterone is the only anti aging formula for a healthy sexual life. Testosterone helps to increase the drive of sex within man and produce bigger and harder erections while preventing the muscle strength and mass. It also helps to attain a youthful appearance and enhance the sperm production.

Age 20 100%
Age 40 75%
Age 55 50%
Age 70 40%

Testosterone starts to decline and in these days, due to high level of stress, poor diet and awful health, most of the men are suffering from all time low level of testosterone completely. As per several researched, the virility of men nowadays is on an all time low and the level is further decreasing to new low.

In case you agree to the above statements, early signs of ageing male then you are at the right spot. Tongkat Ali is a clinically proven formula giving you the chance to enjoy another chance to feel young once again.

We can make you feel younger again

Doc Donald Tongkat Ali can make you feel younger again

Imagine feeling younger again

Would not you wish to be capable of producing more amount of testosterone once again as you used to do at the age of 25? It was a point when you were full of lust, desires, energy and loads of sex drive. You had had spontaneous reactions and now, you are low, you want to enjoy but lag a lot! Make small lifestyle changes and get better sleep, better diet, sports, and the ultimate supplement i.e. Tongkat Ali. It comes from a tree that specifically grows in South Asia and has been used for centuries to combat the sexual power problems amongst the men. In fact, tongkat ali is known as nature’s most potent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster.

Bought 1 bottle to try from friendly seller, he provide all the useful instruction for eating the pills. Feel so horny after taking the pill, gf grab my brother and said she feels different. Feels good.Throughout the session my brother erection can last and maintain hard. Really good product and no side effect for me since I took.
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Why choose Doc Donald 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract?


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We introduce nano technology in our extracts to ensure full absorption. We break down the molecules of the tongkat ali extract into tiny pieces so that your body spend less time dissolving it and more time absorbing before passing out of your body.

Extra Strong

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Our tongkat ali extract has been concentrated 200 times, that means that it takes 200 grams of tongkat ali root to make 1 gram of finished product.

Massive Testimonals

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Why choose DocDonald tongkat ali?

1. We introduce nano technology in our extracts to ensure full absorption

Unlike the usual supplements, we will not absorb all the nutrition that you intake. It is useless to create pills or powders that cannot be absorbed by the body. After years of research, we have been able to find nano technology where the molecules of Tongkat Ali are extracted into small pieces so that your body spends less time to dissolve it and more time before passing it out of the body.

2. We provide pure and genuine tongkat ali extract straight from the Malaysian jungle

It Is not uncommon to see male enhancement pills containing a wide variety of ingredients while claiming to provide intimate and ultimate erections. The truth, on the other hand is that, the more stuff add to these pills, the more are the chances that they will not do much to your body. There are hardly any evidences that show that using these ingredients helps. In fact, sometimes, they degrade the quality of the pills. Our Rongkat Ali roots are collected from the jungles of Malaysia where they are grown in wild.Quality trees that have reached the age of 10 years are harvested only as they contain higher concentration of active components.

3. We have the highest potency tongkat ali in the market

Our Tongkat Ali extracts are concentrated to up to 200 times which means that it requires 200 grams of Tongkat Ali root to make just 1 gram of finished product. Not only that, we give you a full 500mg dose for every capsule. It takes 5.9kg of tongkat ali to make one bottle of herbolab’s tongkat ali.

4. You pay much less per gram of tongkat ali

Comparing Tongkat Ali with the common Tongkat Ali from other brands, you can easily see and check the pay per gram of Tongkat root in each products. The formula is price / (capsules * mg/capsule * strength / 1,000).

At first don’t believe this pill can do wonders, but after taking I was shocked and amazed how good it is. I’m already in my 40s, after first shot I can continue second shot without any rest, I’m really surprise! I can feel my dick getting hard throughout the day also. Thanks for this, I will be eating this regularly.
After reading the reviews I finally got a bottle, no effect at first but felt it after a few days. Wife beside me on bed and I get horny as usual, so her hand move south and stroke my penis, I can feel it like exploding, so hard that I never experience before. We have sex and she can find the different, I last longer than usual. No wonder this business is blooming because it really works.

We were almost late for work next day morning as we have another hot round. So I will plan the days to take this pill for maximum effect.

Normally after 1 shot, I can’t do anymore but after taking the pill, I can go for 2 -3 rounds with my girl. She was shocked that I got that stamina and my cock remain hard throughout the rounds. I feel alive again, would recommend this to anyone out there who want more power.
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Is Tongkat Ali clinically proven?

Is Tongkat Ali clinically proven?

Tongkat Ali is one of the most researched and established supplement made to increase the level of testosterone in the men. Here are some instances:

British Journal of Sports Medicine- 2003


Eurycoma longifolia Jack (ELJ), that contains contains quassinoids such as eurycomalacton, eurycomanon, and eurycomanol, was reported to have aphrodisiac properties to increase the level of hormones in men. Previous studies too have established that the usual testosterone supplements increase fat free mass, muscle mass and muscle strength which is great for physical functionality and athletic performance.

The treatment produced around 3% greater reduction in the electrical activity around the muscles, measured at the end of the experiment compared with the help of placebo. The mean arm circumference of the treatment group was increased significantly by 1.8 cm after supplementation but there were no such increase in the placebo group. These results suggested that water soluble extracts of Eurycoma longifolia Jack have increased fat free mass, increased muscle size, strength and reduced body fat and thus, might be ergogenic. Further investigations are warranted.

Phytotherapy Research- 2013 , June 11


Eurycoma longifolia Jack which is known to alleviate aging males symptoms and testosterone levels was investigated for its effect on elderly couple. Thirteen physically active male and 12 physically active female seniors (57-72 years) were treated with 400 mg TA on daily basis for 5 weeks continuously. Standard hematological parameters were taken.

Treatment resulted in a significant increase in the free and total testosterone concentration as well as muscular force in men and women. This increase in the level of testosterone in women is thought to decline the sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations. The study affirms the ergogenic benefit of TA through enhanced muscle strength.

Independent Studies

In year 2003, Tongkat Ali was again tested clinically against a placebo and showed impressive results. The effects of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack were documented in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Article Number 007). The rest showed a significant increase in men hormonal level on regular consumption for 12 weeks time. This resulted in the candidates that took the Tongkat Ali having a greater increase in fat-free mass at the end of the trial.


Other Tests on Tongkat Ali

  • Testosterone levels 4 weeks from finishing the first 8 week cycle.
  • Testosterone levels 8 weeks into the second of 2 cycles.
  • Reverse side of the results pages showing standard levels for all age ranges and gender.


Tongkat Ali is a natural testosterone booster that works in a safe and unique way to increase the natural production of testosterone. It has positive results like reversing the effects of Erectile Dysfunction and increasing the ability to burn body fat and muscle mass increasing.

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

Tongkat ali root have long been used aphrodisiac and remedy for the age related sexual disorders. It was also used to cure the symptoms of Andropause. The roots of the plant have shown to increase libido in men, promote semen quality as well as support muscular growth. These effects have largely been attributed to increases in testosterone.

In year 2012, a study on Malaysia consisting of 76 men, only 35% of whom has normal level of testosterone were tested. After a month of supplementing with Tongkat Ali, the number of men in group with the normal hormone level jumped to over 90%.

A separate double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that men who consumed tongkat ali on a daily basis experienced improvements in erectile function, libido, and semen volume. Some even experienced fat loss. [8]

Tongkat Ali and Male Fertility

Although, not everyone who is consuming Tongkat Ali wants to increase libido and fertility yet it is worth mentioning that it supports and promotes normal sperm quality which can be measured by volume, motility, concentration and impacts the fertility in males.

In one study, 75 men that were consuming Tongkat Ali everyday observed and experienced significant improvement in their sperm quality and the improvement lasted for several months after the study. Almost 15% of the participants even reported new pregnancies. [10]

Other References:

  1. Ang HH, Lee KL, Kiyoshi M. Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances sexual motivation in middle-aged male mice. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. 2003;14(3):301-8.
  2. Ang HH, Sim MK. Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances libido in sexually experienced male rats. Exp Anim. 1997 Oct;46(4):287-90.
  3. Ang HH, Ngai TH, Tan TH. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on sexual qualities in middle aged male rats. Phytomedicine. 2003;10(6-7):590-3.
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  8. Ismail SB, Wan Mohammad WM, George A, Nik Hussain NH, Musthapa Kamal ZM, Liske E. Randomized Clinical Trial on the Use of PHYSTA Freeze-Dried Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia for the Improvement of Quality of Life and Sexual Well-Being in Men. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012;2012:429268. doi: 10.1155/2012/429268. Epub 2012 Nov 1.
  9. Chan KL, Low BS, Teh CH, Das PK. The effect of Eurycoma longifolia on sperm quality of male rats. Nat Prod Commun. 2009 Oct;4(10):1331-6.
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  12. Ang HH, Lee KL. Contamination of mercury in tongkat Ali hitam herbal preparations. Food Chem Toxicol. 2006 Aug;44(8):1245-50. Epub 2006 Mar 29.

How does Tongkat Ali extract work?

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How does it works?

Testosterone is regular in human body trough the Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands. These two glands help to produce signals that inform the Leydig and other testosterone synthesizing cells to stop the production of testosterone whenever the certain level of hormones is reached. In order to increase the amount of testosterone in the blood, several people use the hormonal agonists or hormonal replacement therapy, which basically involves injecting of testosterone into the blood stream. This method has several side effects and it can also cause negative feedback on the glands which will lead to send signals to the testes and stop the production while hormones are being injected.

This will result in the atrophy of the testicles. Tongkat Ali increases the level of testosterone but not of the testosterone agonist. Instead, it will act as a negative feedback system of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, allowing the higher level of testosterone concentration while signaling the cell production to stop. It works in a more natural way.

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Warning when buying tongkat ali

Common Tongkat Ali knowledge to guide shoppers.

What Extract to Buy

Tongkat Ali extracts come in a lot of forms. You can either buy the root powder form but before we discuss about the dosage, you should know about the extract available in the marker.

The most common extracts you will see are 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. These extract strength mean that for 1:50 for every 1 part of the tongkat ali you get 50 parts of the Eurycoma Longifolio Jack extract (tongkat ali extract).

Some people believe that anything above the extract of 1:4 is useless; unfortunately, there is no way to tell the exact count of extract. However, several people have reported that root extracts and low extract levels do not have the desired effects. Strong extracts are known to work for all ages.

You are recommended to go for extract strength of 1:200, it is the strongest form. You should start slow as the higher the extracts, the harder is it to find the exact dosage. Since everyone is different, what works for some might be a lot for other. In fact, you will come to know if you have taken the amount too much. Some of the symptoms will be Agitations, Insomnia, Aggressiveness and several other mild symptoms.

Safety and Precautions When Buying

It is also important to know that Tongkat Ali is one of the most faked products on the web and you need to know whether you are going to order it online because a lot of fake website are selling garbage in packaging.

Here are some feature you should look for?

Here’s what to look out for:


1) Buying on The Web – What You Need to Know!

Just like mentioned above, there are a lot of Tongkat Ali extracts sold in the market and the internet is full of such suppliers. It is indeed one of the easiest herbs to fake and people will do it all the time.

If you are a fresher then never buy Tongkat Ali root powder. Some Tongkat extracts are found with high mercury levels. Do not let this scare you, but take it seriously. A good and reputed distributer will check the mercury levels and you should not buy from cheap and random stores.

Then, follow the guidelines below to differentiate between and real and fake tongkat ali extract distributer.

How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Tongkat Ali Extract

Here are some other ideas to help you purchase the right Tongkat Ali and avoid eating the wrong stuff:

1) Find out if they are a registered business

Before you zero in on a website, you must check and ensure that they are a legitimate business holder and not someone who is selling Tongkat Ali sitting at their home with little knowledge of the adverse effects of the medicine if taken in wrong proportions.

2) Check out the contact page

Do check always if the website has a contact us page with details like email and phone number or not? If they have it and they must be reachable. IF the answer to any of these two questions is NO then stay away. After all, whether you will get your order or not will not be their headache any ways.

3) Beware of outlandish claims

If someone is claiming to offer prices that are too good to be true then you should give a second thought. Do not buy cheap products if its about your health.

4) Search the company name online

Search the company on Google because If they are bad then people are going to review and let others know about it.

Guidelines For Buying Tongkat Ali Root Extract

  1. Always purchase the root extract hat has specification of the strength, body building, post cycle therapy as well as effective boost in testosterone.
  2. Always buy the standardized roots of Tongkat Extrant and not just the ground Tongkat Ali. Your purchase is likely to be weak or ineffective otherwise.
  3. Purchase Tongkat Ali roots that 100@ free from any form of metallic contamination.

Doc DOnalds Tongkat Ali meets all of the above mentioned requirements, produces patented Eurycomanone extraction method and ensures cleanest contamination free Tongkat Ali extract on the market.

Things to Beware of When Buying Tongkat Ali

  • Beware of the brand that claims higher milligram content of the capsules. Some claim to offer 600/800 mgram capsules whereas in fact, they contains not more than 400 mg. You can check this with a good set of scale or send us the desire capsules and we will be happy to check it.
  • Genuine and 100% pure Tongkat Ali extract along with any significant Eurycomanone content, good enough in content to be considered as effective will not be available in the market for any prices less than than $50 to $60 USD per 36-gram bottle or around $1.39 USD/gram equivalent.
  • Even if you are purchasing it by the metric ton, after encapsulation, transportation, packaging and other costs involved to bring the extract product to market, the genuine 1:200 Tongkat Ali extracts cannot be sold realistically for anything less than $1.39/gram and still worth the effort.
  • The only time you will see the products claiming to be Tongkat Ali at any lower prices than mentioned above then it is because they started the life as a genuine extract and then became watered down to complete or compensate the cost or the product is just ground up root powder or may be MCC.
  • At Doc DOnals, we choose to sell 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract for many years and this 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract is manufactured by World ABS who has refused to produce any other supplement with the race towards bottom mentality. We try to maintain the same value in health quality and fitness supplement produced with respect to and for the consumers.

TKA 1:200™ is 100% free of metallic and microbiological contamination. For more detail here to view manufactures certificate of analysis.

What To Expect From Using 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract

You will notice a significant increase in stamina and strength on the 3rd week

You will start noticing significant increase in stamina as well as strength in 3rd week of consumption of 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract.

In Week 1, you will not notice a huge change in your body as the level of testosterone in your body will be little over the normal and a slightly increase sexual drive will be noticeable in these times.

In Week 2, you can see some steady increase in your strength and a faster recovery is visible after the training.

IN Week (3), you will experience strength increase as well as an enhanced sense of well being. You might also notice a slight increase in aggression towards your workout routine. You will have shorter temper than normal and this is just one of the side effect of the extra hormonal level in your body (if you find it hard to control your aggression stop taking the Tongkat until you feel you’re ready to continue the cycle).

In Week 4, you will be able to see an increase in lean muscle mass as well as noticeable reduction in the body fat. You will generally feel good and higher confidence than usual days.

In week 5 and 6, the level of testosterone levels will be substantially higher than the usual and this is exactly when you will exactly start noticing the benefits of gaining lean muscle mass. The effects will be visible depending on your initial BMI you should see further reductions in body fat.


How to consume

Consume 1 to 2 pill a day for 5 days and then taking off 2 days before starting this cycle again

You Have to Cycle it

To get the most out of your investment, it is recommended that you cycle it and run a break period about 40% the length of your on cycle.

So for example, this could mean taking it for 8 weeks and then breaking for 3.5 weeks. Or taking it for 5 days and then taking off 2 days. I highly recommend the second cycle as it is more for people looking to boost their sex drive and will allow you to keep taking it long term.

Why do you have to do this?

Simply because if you don’t, your body builds up a tolerance to the herb. But by simply adding in this cycling, the body stays receptive and the effect of the tongkat build up over time. You are not starting back at square one after each weekly cycle.

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  • tongkat ali 1 bottle
  • $79991 Bottle
  • 1 Bottle
  • 80 Capules
  • 500mg capsules, 1:200 Extract
  • For 1 Month


  • tongkat ali 3 bottle
  • $198903 Bottles
  • 3 Bottles
  • 240 Capules
  • 500mg capsules, 1:200 Extract
  • For 3 Month


  • Tongkataliextrastrength 6 month supply
  • $399956 Bottles
  • 6 Bottles
  • 480 Capules
  • 500mg capsules, 1:200 Extract
  • For 6 Month


  • Tongkataliextrastrength 6 month supply
  • $7000012 Bottles
  • 12 Bottles
  • 960 Capules
  • 500mg capsules, 1:200 Extract
  • For 12 Month

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